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By choosing Australian made products, such as Australian Office’s leading brands including Reflex, Tudor, Olympic and Brilliant over imported ones, the Australian economy gets the benefit, Australian jobs are protected and paper users can be sure they are purchasing sustainable products that are made to world-class environmental standards.

The Maryvale Mill

Reflex is manufactured at the Maryvale Paper Mill which is one of Australia’s largest integrated pulp and paper making operation. Located in Victoria’s LaTrobe Valley, Maryvale dates back to 1937 when it was first established. A cycle of continuous capital investment since that time ensures that it remains a state of the art integrated paper making facility with the latest of these updates being the Pulp Mill Upgrade.

Australian Paper embarked on a major upgrade of the Maryvale Mill in 2003 in response to global paper trends and changing consumer expectations for our products. With an investment of $350 million, the upgrade has expanded the Mill’s production of bleached pulp capacity by 21.6% and also delivered a range of quality, environmental, safety and health benefits.

The upgrade was completed in December 2008 in conjunction with the reconstruction of the wood yard to support the projected increase volumes of wood.  The rebuilt bleach plant is now producing ECF (Elementally Chlorine Free) Pulp, and has delivered significant improvements in emissions as well as further savings in water usage and increased usage of renewable energy.

Maryvale is a significant regional employer and combined with Australian Paper’s other local mills, contributes about $400 million annually to the Australian economy (Study from the Western Research Institute c/- Charles Sturt University, August 2005).

Things you didn’t know about Australian made Reflex:

  • The paper machine which makes Reflex is 100 metres long and runs at 900 metres per minute.
  • Before it is cut into reams, 1 reel of Reflex paper takes about 1 hour to make, is 7 metres wide, 45 kilometres long and can be cut into almost 10,000 reams of Reflex.

Envelope manufacturing facilities at Preston, VIC

At our Preston facility in Victoria, approximately 100 employees produce over 250 products (SKUs). This facility specialises in stock, overprinted and custom made envelope production. Every year, the plant produces close to a billion envelopes.

The facility encompasses nine major envelope production lines, including traditional correspondence, pocket, wallet and banker-style envelope lines. The Preston facility also has state-of-the-art, high-speed six-colour envelope manufacturing and printing for our Advelopes business.

Preston also houses a stand-alone playing card manufacturing facility, the Queen's Slipper brand of casino-quality playing cards. This facility also has a capability for producing Adback playing cards.

* Please note: not all products distributed by Australian Office are Australian made.

Our Preston operations are certified to ISO 9001 standards for Quality Management. We also maintain high standards of environmentally responsibility, both in manufacturing processes and in the sourcing of raw materials, including paper. Most paper used at the Preston facility is supplied by Australian Paper from its Maryvale, VIC and Shoalhaven, NSW paper mills.

Australian Made

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